B2B Content Marketing, Stats About Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter Marketing 

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5 Reasons Why B2B Content Marketing Works & 5 Reasons It Doesn’t (toprankblog.com)

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  • So, when your content delivers exactly what your audience is looking for and where they’re looking for it, you can gain traffic, foster engagement, and nurture them to action.
  • In our experience,
    successful content marketers
    start by defining
    buyer personas
    , identifying their
    relevant pain points
    , and mapping them to content they might find helpful based on SEO opportunities and where they are in the
    sales funnel
    e.g. checklists
    , definitions, infographics, etc.
  • When done well, content marketing allows you to become the
    best answer
    for your audience, showing them over and over again that you have the goods.
  • #ContentMarketing allows you to become the
    best answer
    for your audience, showing them over and over again that you have the goods.
  • Brands that don’t dedicate enough time or effort to their content, and making sure that it truly serves a purpose, likely find their audiences don’t want to listen to what they have to say.


19 Noteworthy Stats About Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter Marketing (v3b.com)

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  • As noted in a
    previous post
    here on social media marketing statistics,
    is now the third-largest
    social network
    800 million users
    ), behind only
  • Here are 19 marketing statistics and facts about
    , and
    , plus six key takeaways to help you create a more effective social marketing plan.
  • 92 percent of influencers say
    was the
    social network
    they focused on most in 2017, and 87 percent expect it to be their top focus this year.
  • The most engaging phrases to include in
    tweet headlines
    are “this is what,” “for the first time,” “things to know,” and “will make you.” Also effective: “the truth about,” “the rise of,” and “what we know.” (BuzzSumo)

3 Digital Strategy Tips That Will Help You Connect With Customers (inc.com)

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  • Inspire people to share your content.
  • Don’t take things too seriously.
  • Give the
    modern consumer
    premium experience

Strategic Wi-Fi Marketing: How To Build A Stronger Connection To Your Customers (forbes.com)

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  • I’m a fan of putting all of the
    social media properties
    in front of the customer after logging in as opposed to using
    social Wi-Fi
    as part of the
    log-in process
  • Using Wi-Fi as part of an in-store marketing strategy creates opportunities to interact with the customer and enhance their
    brand experience
  • Since it’s all location-based, brands can automate the marketing to push different content to different locations and demographics across the country.

Google I/O 2018: Shoppable Photos, Playable Ads, Ignorable Notifications (alistdaily.com)

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  • In the
    next few weeks
    users will be able to scan objects like books, clothing and furniture to see reviews of the objects posted online, as well as a fully shoppable list of
    similar products
  • Though
    has not yet announced any plans to monetize the feature, it seems likely that marketers will be able to promote their own products through
    in much the same way they can with
    google search
    and Shopping.