Digital Marketing News April 18th 2018

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11.1% of budget is spent on marketing, how does your business compare? (

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It makes sense that marketing spend based on revenue and marketing spend assigned are close, not a hugely different as it shows how businesses are using

revenue estimates
to assign marketing and it shows the importance of marketing to businesses.

Across sectors, the research has found that marketing spend is mixed, but there are a number of industries that spend considerably more than others.

Digital marketing also dominates marketing spend across B2C and B2B sectors when compared to “traditional” marketing spend.

3 Ways to Improve Your Content With Digital Assistants (

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This is true of any content you produce: Audiences are turned off by promotion, and 79 percent of

publication editors
say the
biggest problem
with guest-contributed content is that it’s too promotional.

Users will say “

, ask
” or “Alexa, ask
Lonely Planet
” to prompt the skills, but Alexa doesn’t respond with
insurance plans
book offers
, or other promotional content.

These skills can be simple, like asking

to give
traffic updates
, but many brands have found
creative ways
to utilize these skills to create connections with new customers.

8 Tips For Marketing to Millennials (

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However before ditching current social media marketing campaigns, said

Michael Price
social media director
at Dallas-
based Ansari
, a data-driven marketing solutions provider, it’s important to note that the
full impact
of users deleting their
profiles is currently unknown.

Your website content should be easy to digest;

craft copy
that can be skimmed and digested by young readers, who don’t have time or patience to read a
whole wall
of text,
James Nuttall
, content and outreach specialist, at UK-
backed Cuuver
, an
insurance comparison website

Sowndarya Kishore, content and

social media
manager at Dallas-based content marketing specialist
Social Animal
, shared that the use of
social media influencers
will become increasingly important for marketers that want to reach a
targeted audience

The Ultimate Guide to Marketing Interview Questions From HubSpot’s CMO (

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They have a plan for forging consensus on what makes leads marketing-qualified versus sales-qualified, creating a shared

Service Level Agreement
agreed-upon metrics
, and using content at different points in the marketing and sales funnel to turn strangers into customers.

“Marketers are the

lead generators
and salespeople are the
lead closers
” isn’t necessarily wrong, but the candidate who ends his/her answer here might not be someone who can align both departments around a single, unified approach.

“Between videos, ebooks,

blog articles
, photos, podcasts, webinars,
, and
… there’s a lot of
potential content
our team should produce for inbound marketing.

Research on adoption of Account-based marketing (ABM) (

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Sample: 200+ account-based marketing leaders from the

(mix of
clients and non-clients), 57%

This week, I thought I’d take a look at the popularity of ABM since we have been getting a lot of interest in our

recent series
of articles on how to implement ABM by
Daley Robinson

The report doesn’t explain the details of spend, but a

follow-up question
show budget spend on marketing technology to support these activities:

What Startups Need to Include in Their Digital Marketing Strategy (

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From creating

consumer personas
to putting a focus on great writing everywhere from
social media
posts to
guest articles
, here’s a look at everything to cover on your
starter guide
for digital marketing.

When putting together your

persona template
, consider focusing on key demographics including age, location, profession and work-related goals and priorities,
income levels
, challenges that they are currently facing (and how your product or service can assist them), as well as what they like about your products or services.

Conduct audits on a

regular basis
to ensure that you’re doing more of what works for your business, and at the same time, scaling back on any
content initiatives
that aren’t providing a
significant return
on investment.

The 4 Ps of SEO & digital marketing – Search Engine Land (

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However, when we spent some time analyzing SEO packages and SEO prices, we found some very different perspectives on what people were willing to pay — particularly when it came to

small business
SEO services.


classic definition
of marketing is simply “putting the
right product
in the
right place
, at the
right price
, at the
right time

Yet, we also have to ensure the product and the price are right as well — after all, there will be a lot of competition on that search engine’s results page.