Digital Marketing News Roundup April 20th 2018

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Compare 15 marketing automation platforms (

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is your source for the
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, opportunities and challenges facing the market for B2B marketing automation software tools as seen by
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MarTech Today
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Marketing Day: Facebook reopens app reviews, Adobe buys Sayspring & Snapchat’s Shoppable AR Lenses (

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Here’s how to use

to dominate the
search results Apr 17, 2018 by
Chris Silver Smith
If you want to displace
negative content
or build a strong brand identity, Twitter can help, says Contributor Chris Silver Smith.

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MarTech Today
, Our Sister Site Dedicated To Marketing Technology:
Voice agents
and interfaces will require many new marketing strategies Apr 18, 2018 by
Barry levine
Marketers are only now getting a glimpse of the many approaches that will be required for the many kinds of
voice interactivity

MarTech Today’s

guide for marketers is now available Apr 18, 2018 by
Robin Kurzer
We created this easy-to-understand resource especially for marketers, highlighting what’s important to know about the upcoming EU
data privacy

What Does Natural Language Processing Mean for Writers, Content, and Digital Marketing? An Essay. (

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But today’s

white-hot field
of machine learning and
Artificial Intelligence
(AI) hinges on computers making inferences and synthesizing data in combinations they were never “ordered to perform.” One application of this Machine Learning and AI technology is Natural Language Processing (NLP), which involves the machine parsing of spoken or written human language.

Not impossible—to extend my analogy, you could program a computer to recognize when prices are implausible, but it would be a

giant project
, whereas for a human being, it’s trivial.” It’s not news that there are things computers are really good at that humans are bad at, and some things humans are really good at that computers can’t seem to manage.

“No one has ever made a

computer program
that truly has
common sense
, and I don’t think we’re even close to that.” And here’s the real
quantum leap
for not only NLP but
Artificial Intelligence
: right now, computers only know what they’ve been told.

She is holding it and it is black.” An NLP model would probably be at a loss for realizing that “she” is “Cate,” and “it” is “the book.” “It’s something that sounds very simple to us,” says Yannis, “because we know how these things work because we’ve been exposed to these kinds of phenomena all our lives.

The text comes from things that humans have written…If you wanted to write an

unbiased summary
of the
previous election cycle
, if you were to use only one particular news domain, it would definitely be biased.” (Oh yeah, and using
neural networks
for creating
image captions
isn’t just biased, it’s not always accurate.

The Guide to Local Sponsorship Marketing – The 2018 Edition (

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They can be directed toward local SEO or local marketing campaigns, but sponsorships are their own breed of

local connection
— and just like
content campaigns
local PR campaigns
, or
review management
local sponsorships
have their own set of conventions and
best practices

We’ve identified and track 24

unique benefits
of sponsorships related to local marketing: Ad (full or partial) Advertising on event app
post featuring
sponsor Booth
, tent, or table at
event Event
named for
sponsor Guest post
on organization blog Inclusion in
press release
Link in
email newsletter
Link on
website Logo
event t-shirt
or other swag Logo on
signage Logo
or name on
website Media spots
(television/radio/newspaper) Mention in email newsletter Mention in
publicity materials
, such as programs & other printed materials Networking opportunity Physical thing (building, etc.)

If you’re able to send

local team members
, find opportunities that match your
target audience
and test it out — and bring your camera so your
social and brand team
will have material for publication.

Local sponsorships are also a

unique channel
in that the benefits can range from the digital to the analog: from
local links
to a booth, from
social posts
to signage on a
soccer field

As with any

outreach campaign
, there are dos and don’ts and
best practices
that all should follow (DO be respectful; DON’T over-email), but brands especially have more to lose from an outreach
faux pas

TIM furthers its digitization journey by announcing a new Artificial Intelligence partnership with Microsoft (

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Italian telco and

has further strengthened its long-standing partnership with
by announcing a new agreement committing to the development of
new AI-based tools
and services, which will benefit both the company, and its customers, both in

Amos Genish
TIM Chief Executive Officer
states that “The present agreement is a step forward in
’s strategy, strongly committed to providing digitization of all processes to dramatically enhance the
digital experience
for best in class customer engagement and to create an
effective digital journey

Today we confirm once again our

restless commitment
to the execution of the
Industrial Plan
, of which
Artificial Intelligence
is a key pillar.” TIM will work with
to create a system based on
big data
data analytics
, and AI, to enhance the company’s offerings, allowing it to create tailor-made products and tools.