Digital Marketing News Roundup April 19th 2018

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The 40-point SEO checklist for startups (

Topics: search results, search engine optimization, search index, markup, nofollow, HTTP, landing page, anchor text

Predictive Analytics: How Marketers Can Improve Future Activities (

Topics: retargeting, Pinterest, marketing automation, Linkedin, data sources, data science, mobile device, landing pages

For the technically capable business of any size, if you have someone or

multiple people
who can fill the roles of developer,
data scientist
, and marketing technologist, you can use
predictive analytics
to create your own forecasts for free.

Hypothetically, say we gear up our marketing promotions for Social Media Marketing World on

certain schedules
that aren’t necessarily based on predictions, but ones we decided to use.

First, you need someone with the

development skills
to extract data from your
data sources
, such as
Google Analytics
, and other kinds of
social data

7 Powerful Tools to Automate Tedious Content Marketing Tasks (

Topics: WordPress, online tools, content marketing, blog posts, Google, social media, social networks, additional tools

The tool comes with alerts for

keyword mentions
backlink analysis
keyword research
, SEO site auditing, rank tracking, and more.

BONUS TOOL: To be extra safe, I also run

potential influencers
through another tool called
Social Blade
to see the influencer’s
growth trajectory

It’s a

task manager
tool that’s part project management software,
part team communication tool
, part to-do list.

The 9 Most Common SEO Errors That Hurt Your Rankings [DATA] (

Topics: search engine, HTTP, meta tags, address bar, landing page, latest version, mobile devices, domain name

Throughout 2017, Serpstat (disclosure: I work for the company) indexed

175 million pages
with its
SEO audit tool
and found a whopping 300 million errors!

Even small delays can cause

lower revenue
and traffic on your site, so it’s important to check your pages’
speed performance
across all devices.

To avoid these issues, you should check if there’s a correct language code and

country code
(and not to use one without the other); divide the language and country codes with a hyphen; put the country code before the language code.

Enterprise Local SEO is Different: A Checklist, a Mindset (

Topics: virtual office, online shopping, business models, pay per click, user experience, small businesses, creative solutions, search engines

We’re also prepared to detect when the

spammy behaviors
of competitors (such as
fake addresses
, fake negative/positive reviews, or keyword stuffing of listings) are giving them an
unfair advantage
in our markets, and have a methodology for escalating reports of
guideline violations

Directly-linked-to landing pages can provide

instant, persuasive proofs
of local-ness, in the form of
real local reviews
, news about
local sponsorships
and events,
special offers
regional product highlights
, imagery and so much more that no
corporate homepage
can ever provide.

Call me a Californian, but I continue to be amazed by

automotive TV spots
that show
large trucks
driving through
beautiful creeks
(thanks for tearing up
precious riparian habitat
during our state-
wide drought
) and across
pristine arctic snowfields
(instantly reminding me of climate change).

5 Reasons Why Good SEO Is Key to Talent Attraction (

Topics: search results, Search Engine, Google, user experience, markup, user interaction, external links, additional information

As mobile traffic increases and as competition gets tougher online, the use of

Accelerated Mobile Pages, (AMP),
schema tags
, technical SEO and
optimized social signals
external links
can all deliver the
marginal gains
you need to increase the visibility of your
careers website

But instead, investing in good SEO on a

careers site
means you’ll be reducing costs and, importantly, you can keep
close control
over your
candidate experience
in the process, with more flexibility to make changes and experiment with content.”

Marc comments, “Most careers websites rank much lower in search engines than job boards or

recruitment agencies
, and as a result, they fail to attract
sufficient volumes
prospective candidates
looking to change their jobs.

Sell While You Sleep With These 5 Proven Strategies for Getting Customer Reviews That Close Sales (

Topics: search results, Yelp, lead generation, Google, Capterra, social media, software solutions, customer service

So, when a customer is searching for the top painter in town and your

website displays
, the customer will also see reviews and ratings from your website directly inline on the
search results pages.

For those doing

business face
-to-face with clients, asking for the review at
multiple phases
throughout a transaction may seem easier than those who never actually meet their customers.

If you develop a well-thought-out system you need to ask for reviews and set up your

software solutions
to do the asking for you, you’ll begin to see a wave of new reviews while being able to focus on your business.

How to Promote a Software Product in 2018 (

Topics: search engine optimization, search engines, WhatsApp, mobile application, Google, software product, mailing lists, software tools

The good thing about good SEO optimization practices is that they can give

site owners
free traffic
from search engines like
, unlike using
Google AdWords
that usually you need to pay a lot of money for getting
potential customers
to visit your site.

For instance, we created a page about the Best

IDE Tools that exist on the market, that not only reached the highest rankings in
search pages for
Best PHP IDE query
, often it appears as a
featured result

If you are interested to advertise your

software product
here using our blog and our SEO know-how, you can click here to contact us now and we can even give you
free access
to the
4DUser tool
for a
limited period
of time.