Growing a Digital Marketing Agency, Email Marketing and Marketing Automation Excellence 

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6 Lessons in Marketing: What They Never Taught You About Growing a Digital Marketing Agency (

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  • The
    IMPACT Story
  • The
    HubSpot Partner Program
  • People Problems & Hitting Rock-Bottom
  • We Cleaned House
  • The Turn-Around
  • A Few Things We Got Right
  • The 6 Biggest Marketing Lessons Learned

The Role of Automation in Digital Transformation (

Topics: customer data, user data, real time, customer engagement, computing power, customer feedback, third party, useful data

  • It comes as no surprise that advances in technology further empower marketers to put customers at the center of the experience, personalizing messages and delivering them when customers are most receptive to their content.
  • The ability to analyze
    mass quantities
    user data
    real time
    , split that data into segments, identify anomalies, create scoring models and predictive content recommendations, and then deploy market messaging that resonates with consumers as individuals at scale requires a new breed of
    automation capabilities
    technology platforms
  • Fortunately,
    automation tech
    can help identify where these points are, allowing brands to anticipate when customers will convert and target them with the most effective content and incentives.
  • Every new technology and approach, though, isn’t without its risks, and marketers who implement automation before developing a strategy for it are likely to come away frustrated.

How Digital Transformation is Making the Anonymous Personal (

Topics: network security, data sources, information security, data elements, phishing, Machine learning, sensitive information, personally identifiable information

  • In the military, they call this a compilation of information, where
    individual pieces
    of data in themselves are unclassified, but when
    multiple pieces
    of data are put together, they paint a picture that could be considered Top Secret.
  • In some ways, this is far more dangerous than what would originally be considered personally identifiable information, but there’s no regulation that says that any of it needs to be secured—plus most of it is being provided voluntarily.
  • But for those of us in the
    security industry
    , we need to think about the
    negative consequences
    of how this data could be used.
  • As every new service comes online, the
    data set
    becomes larger and the ability to correlate with a growing number of
    data sources
    becomes easier, exponentially increasing the value of the information and the
    potential ways
    it can be used against you.

Bots and Breaches: How Social Media Marketing Can Adjust to Meet Waning User Trust (

Topics: Reddit, Twitter, social media, big data, user privacy, Facebook, data security, media outlets

  • While watching the
    a couple weeks ago—an exercise that taught us less about how
    social media
    works and more about how much the government has also been left behind by the
    rapid development
    —I found myself thinking about how crazy the past year has been for
    social platforms
  • The 2018
    Edelman Trust Barometer
    massive, global study
    conducted every year to measure
    public sentiment
    major institutions
    —rightly subtitled this year’s report “The
    Battle for Truth
    .” In it, they found that the world as a whole has become more distrustful over the past year, with the US leading the charge, dropping 23 places in global ranking for the informed public’s trust in
    media outlets
  • This approach has worked for a long time because users were willing to engage with this fantasy—they also did not want to see, hear, or engage with the fact that the platform they used was collecting their data.
  • While the
    hearings may be done, these conversations are far from over, and it remains unclear how these conversations will shape the platforms we use, or how users interact with those platforms in general.

New Report: Email Marketing and Marketing Automation Excellence 2018 (

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  • We first wanted to learn more about how marketers rate different online marketing channels in terms of ROI they’re getting from them and their future budgeting plans.
  • The findings should help you compare the results you’re currently getting from your email and marketing automation campaigns and help you verify whether you’re putting enough emphasis on the right digital marketing channels.
  • We hope that with this new research, you’ll have a
    better overview
    of how you compare against other marketers, what areas you could improve on, and what steps you should take to drive more revenue with email.